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Sound Design

2016 Demo Reel
The Sound Designer Side of Me

Ever since I was a small child, my parents knew I had a special gift: an incredible ear. Understanding that talents and natural abilities need to be nurtured, they put me in a professional children's choir. During my 10 years with this choir, I traveled the world singing and learning about music and sound. I was featured as a soloist on various choir CDs since the age of 8, learning the ins and outs of the recording studio and process. This experience sparked my interest in the possibilities of music and sound. Along with a love of music, I developed a love of film, television, and games. When I heard about the Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media degree program at AAU, I immediately applied. I am finishing my last year, working towards a BFA. My dream is to work for Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, or Warner Bros. as a Sound Designer.

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